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Iranian women protest obligatory headscarf

Jan 29, 2018

Social media postings show at least five women in Iran protesting the obligatory Muslim headscarf by taking theirs off and waving them on sticks

'Halal' internet means more control in Iran after unrest

Jan 29, 2018

In Iran, a government push for a so-called 'halal' internet means more control after protests

The Latest: Egypt presidential candidate to assess status

Jan 23, 2018

A senior worker at the campaign of Egyptian presidential hopeful Khaled Ali says they are holding an emergency meeting to assess their position following the arrest of another hopeful

Egypt: 2 presidential hopefuls take aim at el-Sissi's rule

Jan 14, 2018

Egyptian presidential hopefuls open election campaign with criticism of el-Sissi

Turkey renames street following spat with UAE minister

Jan 9, 2018

Turkey has renamed a street housing the United Arab Emirates' embassy after an Ottoman military commander in reaction to an Emirati minister who retweeted a post accusing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's "forefathers" of pillaging the holy city of Medina

Hard-line cleric says social media fed Iran protests, unrest

Jan 5, 2018

Hard-line cleric calls on Iran to create its own social media apps, blaming international services for unrest, anti-government protests

The Latest: Iran complains about UK coverage of protests

Jan 5, 2018

Britain's media regulator says it is considering an official letter received from Iran's embassy in London complaining about media coverage of the protests

After Trump tweet, Pakistan talks of 'response' to US action

Jan 4, 2018

Pakistani minister, military spokesman say country will react to any US action in wake of Trump's threatening tweet

2009 vs now: How Iran's new protests compare to the past

Jan 3, 2018

How Iran's 2009 protests, when millions demanded change, compare to the new wave of protests blazing around the country

Iran protests: Supreme leader blames 'enemies' for meddling

Jan 2, 2018

Iran's supreme leader is blaming six days of protests across the country on meddling by "enemies of Iran." State TV reported Tuesday that the latest clashes between protesters and security forces have killed nine more people

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