Study Shows Multi Channel Marketing Campaign Increases Marketing ROI

August 12, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - LinkFusions, a company based in Gilbert, Arizona, has reported that a study has shown that a multichannel marketing campaign can increase marketing ROI for a business. The study found that marketing has changed such that control over the buying process has shifted almost completely to the consumer. People now expect companies to engage them over multiple channels while keeping their message and brand experience consistent across all of those channels.

The reason for the change is that consumers are using various apps, platforms and devices and an increasing number are using multiple channels in their buying process. The study found that on average, these people buy 30 percent more, and 72 percent of consumers have stated that they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multichannel. More about this can be learned from the YouTube video at

The findings of the study are significant particularly for small businesses who usually have a limited marketing budget. Ben Fatola from LinkFusions says, “Indeed, trying to market your small business on a shoestring budget is quite a challenge but it is possible. You can harness the power of multichannel marketing to get that competitive edge that you’ve been looking for, with the result that you attract more clients and keep your current customers happy.”

Ben Fatola continues, “The LinkFusions multichannel marketing platform can help small business owners like you generate daily leads, attract new clients and optimize your off-season sales. It provides you with the ability to take advantage of Text and Picture Messaging, Phone, Email and Surveys so you can instantly grab customer attention on the platform they often use.” More information about the LinkFusions multichannel marketing platform can be gleaned from

With a LinkFusions multichannel marketing campaign, the first step is to use exclusive offers to attract new customers. This can be done through the usual posters placed in strategic places outside the store or business. Business owners can also include an online form on their website that invites people to text or call a number, or email to take advantage of a special offer.

Those who take the recommended action will automatically get an exclusive offer and will be automatically included into the database of potential customers. Business owners will be using this list in their marketing campaign, offering them various deals, contests, notices about new products or services, vouchers, coupons, and more.

An important part of the multichannel marketing strategy is that it can increase brand awareness for small businesses. Business owners can include their social links, website URL and brand logo in any of their marketing campaigns. This will allow the brand to become instantly recognizable whenever they send out automated updates using the system.

By using the multichannel marketing system to regularly engage with the people in the database, they become warm leads that are ripe for transforming into regular clients or customers. The challenge here is how to get these people to return to the business again and again. The answer is follow up. Using various channels, like text messages, MMS messages, voice, surveys, and more, the potential customers can be consistently reminded about the business. Exclusive offers can also be offered from time to time, which may convince them to make another purchase.

Another key component of the LinkFusions multichannel marketing system is that it allows business owners to attract buyers by adding photos or images of their product or service when they send out a text message. It is even possible to schedule the sending out of these text messages with images to a few or thousands of potential customers at a time.

And finally, surveys can be used to interact with customers. The technique is to set up a simple multiple choice survey, which asks customers about their favorite product or service from the business or a product or service that they would like to be made available. To encourage people to answer the survey, the business can offer a voucher with the result that the business is able to gather insightful data while the customer is encouraged to return to the business for another purchase.

Those who are interested in the LinkFusions multichannel marketing strategy can visit their website at, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


For more information about LinkFusions, contact the company here:

Ben Fatola
2487 S Gilbert Rd Suite 299 Gilbert AZ, 85295

ReleaseID: 60030067

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